Monday, May 4, 2009

Heaven Sent "Heaven Mills"


Well, we finally seem to have "lift-off" so to speak with the Lillie's Challah situation. This week I purchased Heaven Mills brand Challah from a local health food store. It's also available online at The company makes a variety of kosher, gluten free baked goods that looked scrumptious. Their website is

The 9 ounce loaf was about the size of a small hero roll and retailed for about $3.95 each. After getting over the initial sticker shock, I appreciated that loaf actually looked like a regular, whole wheat challah. It is made from oat flour, and therefore one can say the bracha of Hamotzi on this challah.

I wrapped the loaf in foil and put it on top of a pot of soup to warm up before our Friday night meal. I tentatively placed it on Lillie's own special little, challah board and covered it with her embroidered challah cover. We decided she should have her own, so as not to have to worry about cross-contamination from glutteny crumbs on the big challah board. It was a small investment at a discount store, and well worth it.

When eaten, the challah had a lovely soft texture, and best of all Lillie unequivocally declared it "Good!" Hubby thought it was excellent and said it had a muffin like texture. It does have alot of small holes internally, which I feel contributes to its light texture.

I was relieved that we now have a "go to" challah when I don't have time to make my own. The other baked goods from the company are appealing for their convenience. My local health food store carries hot dog and hamburger rolls from the company that look pretty convincing!

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