Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terrific Turkey Hill


Yesterday when I was dropping Lillie off at school her teacher told me they were having an ice cream party, and if Lillie could have the brand they were buying. It was a small local, company, I had doubts whether or not they would easily have the gluten info. available. So, I bought a container of Turkey Hill Dutch Chocolate at the supermarket, just in case. Plus it was on sale.

I called Turkey Hill on the 1-800 number they print on the side of the container, and to my delight, I reached a real person...right away! I didn't have to go through the maze of an automated phone system. The woman I spoke with assured me the flavor I purchased was gluten-free, plus she offered to send me a complete list of their gluten-free products. Way to go Turkey Hill! It's always a pleasure to deal with knowledgeable companies.

While I was checking out their website, I came across a recipe contest they sponsor on an ongoing basis. If you have a great recipe idea, send it to them at this link: Recipe Entry . You could win $50. Good luck!

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  1. They sent coupons and an entire list of GF products! Great company!